How To Not Be A Total Cunt When You’re Shopping


The customer isn’t always right. Find out if you’ve been acting a bit of a prat in the supermarket.

3) Write A List

Yeah, write a shopping list. I know it’s not 1953 anymore, but you can always do it on your phone (send yourself a text message if your phone is THAT old) —this way you won’t get people pestering you because they think you’ve got something important to look at on your phone.

stairsmanMore importantly, it’ll stop you coming back five minutes later saying “sorry I forgot to get this”. As charming as you think it may be, I can’t tell you how frustrating it can be when you work in a small shop and someone comes in four times during your shift (and asks for a bag each time). It seems perfectly harmless on its own, but because so many people do this, it makes the queues longer.

Also, it’ll stop you from wandering the shop aimlessly and picking up a load of shite you don’t need. Remember — supermarkets are designed specifically so customers will do this; writing a list will save everyone some time and you’ll be able to stick it to the man while spending less money. It’s win-win.

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