Check Out This Documentary That Charts Conor McGregor’s Rise To The Top

Conor McGregor

Find out all you need to know about the UFC star before his big fight against Jose Aldo on December 12th.

Conor McGregor is the biggest name in UFC at the moment, and his fight against Jose Aldo is one of the most anticipated in history. There’s not really any telling who is going to win that one – although the smart money would be on Conor given his momentum going into the match – but it’s one we’ve been dying to see for over a year and is set to be a classic for the ages.

In the meantime, to get you up to speed and even more pumped up for the fight on December 12th, we’ve found this video that details Conor McGregor’s career so far and all the significant events in it that have brought him to this point. It’s a montage, pump up video and of course it’s pretty inspirational. Enjoy.

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Wow, what an absolute scrapper. We’re even more excited about that fight now even though it’s the best part of two months away. If you want to know more about Conor McGregor and why he’s such a good fighter, check out this short documentary that traces his obsession with movement.


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