Here’s What Conor McGregor Said To Jose Aldo After His 13 Second Knock Out

Conor McGregor

He doesn’t mince his words.

UFC was again turned on its head at the weekend following Conor McGregor’s 13 second knockout of Jose Aldo – the first time Aldo had been defeated in 10 years. Just look at the reaction of his cornerman if you want to know how devastated their camp was going to be.

Despite the fact that Conor had spent the majority of the buildup to the fight saying that Jose was scared and just basically taking the piss out of him, he was for the most part respectful following his knockout, saying the following at a press conference yesterday (you can watch the whole thing below if you want to):

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There was a lot of stuff said, what I said was ‘Look, we can go again’.

Although it’s a nice feeling to get that knockout, it’s kind of not nice as well. You can see what’s happening around and you don’t want to see the current, or the only, champion in the country’s history going out like that.

So I just said we can do it again but he was off in his own world, I believe, and they are still resentful and bitter towards it, but like I said winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners and that’s what their camp have been doing this whole time.

Well yeah, I guess he’s telling it like it is like he always does there. Would anyone even care that much about an Aldo V McGregor rematch after Conor pummelled the floor with him quickly? I mean at least Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm went one and a half rounds before Ronda got KO’d, meaning she at least put up a fight – this one would seem like almost a non event as nobody is really going to be taking Aldo seriously any time soon again are they? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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