Conor McGregor Appears To Have Announced His UFC Comeback On Twitter

He’s back baby.

Conor McGregor hasn’t fought in the octagon for almost a year after he was defeated by Khabib last November, but that hasn’t stopped him from attracting all sorts of controversial headlines like when he was recently filmed punching an old man in the face in Ireland.

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McGregor expressed regret for that incident in an interview after it occurred and said that it was time for him to go back to doing what he does best, which many assumed meant that he way eyeing up a return to the Octagon. He’s only stoked the fires on this theory with a mysterious tweet last night that you can see below:

Whilst this doesn’t confirm his return, it would seem like the most likely thing that he’s talking about. He’s often spoken about his desire to fight in Ireland and the UFC have said that they’ve been working on it, so could this be it?

No news on who McGregor would be fighting at this point either. We all know he wants a rematch with Khabib but he doesn’t seem too keen on granting it him, so someone else from the lightweight rankings would make sense like Justin Gaethje – who KOed Donald Cerrone over the weekend. Guess we’ll have to see, but I doubt that the Notorious is going to keep us waiting too long for the result.

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