Comedian Chris D’Elia Has Been Accused Of Sexually Harassing Multiple Underage Girls


I don’t really know much about comedian Chris D’Elia – except that he does a really funny impression of Eminem – but it seems like the people that are fans of him aren’t too surprised that he was exposed as a creepy paedophile last night.

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The accusations began via excellent meme account She Rates Dogs, who posted a couple of gross stories about him that later seemed to be confirmed by pretty much everyone on Twitter and from the time I went to bed last night to the time I woke up it seems like everyone is of the opinion that D’Elia a is a gross ass dude who preys on younger teenage girls. Probably not a paedophile in the Ian Watkins sense, but verging on that territory sure.

Here’s the lowdown:

Ewww. Obviously it doesn’t seem like any of these stories are confirmed, but you have to believe the victims in this situation and when there are so many different stories and receipts from the guy, you’ve gotta think that it must be real. There’s no smoke without fire and it’s hard to argue with some of those screenshots.

Strangest thing about all this though is that D’Elia has not only played a creepy predator/paedophile on TV in ‘You’, but also in ‘Workaholics’. Guy must think he’s an absolute G to go on television and play that character not once but twice and think he’s not gonna get called out on it.

Almost a demented level of cockiness there considering how many stories and receipts seem to be flying about. Kinda rate it to be honest. I mean aside from the whole paedophile/creep thing obviously.

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