Club By Club Infographic Shows Transfer Activity This Summer

Premier League New Transfers

With the Sick Chirpse Fantasy Football League set to kick off soon, you’re probably struggling to pick your teams – check out this infographic so you know which teams have the most new players and who you need to investigate for the coming season.

Ok, so this is a couple of days old and doesn’t have Caulker’s transfer to Cardiff or Roberto Soldado’s £26million move to Spurs included, but it’s still pretty interesting – especially when you’re thinking about who to stick in your team for the Sick Chirpse fantasy football league this year.

I mean who would have thought that Norwich and Sunderland had bought the most players this season – you probably want to check out some of those because you know there are gonna be a couple of jewels in there. I reckon Jozy Altidore could be a shout (he was sick in the Dutch league last season and was never that bad when he played for Hull, despite a shitty goal return, he always seemed unlucky to me), or maybe Ricky Von Wolfswinkel, although I’m not sure about him so much.

Only time till tell – until then enjoy studying this graphic:

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Club by Club Summer transfer activity


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