Jim White Racism Deadline Day Fail

Is Jim White a racist? Or just overexcited?

Everyone seems to love Jim White on Sky Sports News and he seems destined to be the successor to Jeff Stelling, whenever he gives up. He’s funny, enthusiastic and just weird looking enough to be considered kind of cool. Last night though, as the transfer window drew to a close and the clock was striking 12, he was announcing the last minute transfers from deadline day and said something that might put his whole career in jeopardy, considering how racism is such a hot topic in football right now. Or maybe everyone will just laugh it off as a slip of the tongue and a symptom of Jim White getting too excited on transfer deadline day that he mixes up his words. Check it out below and decide for yourself.

And no, it isn’t the 83 million Andy Carroll to Barcelona transfer that we made up yesterday and some of you actually believed. This one is real.


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