Cleaning Lady Throws Out Trash At Art Exhibit; Turns Out It Was Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of ‘Art’

A cleaning lady just doing her job at an art exhibition over in Rome disposed of some expensive works of art because she thought they were rubbish. Can you blame her?

This story has made me so happy. A cleaning lady just doing her job at an art exhibition over in Rome disposed of the works of art from artist Sala Murat, made out of newspaper, cardboard and cookie pieces, as she assumed they were just pieces of junk. Can you blame her?

“We are obviously very sorry for what happened,” said her boss.

What does it say for modern “art” if a cleaning lady — probably the most replaceable profession on the planet — won’t even think twice when she sees your precious piece of “art” and promptly hoovers it all up and dumps it in the bin. Just look at the featured image up top – how can that ever be worth $13,000? She didn’t even think to ask someone if it was part of the art exhibition because she was so certain it was just a pile of crap because that’s what it looks like.

Which pretty much sums up modern art perfectly — complete crap and I’m sick of it. If it’s not the woman who collected her period blood for 3 years and hung it from the ceiling then it’s the woman who vomits her artwork onto canvas or the guy who gets his rich art friends to tack a $1 million price tag on some standard vases that he makes. It’s bullshit and the most pretentious thing going.

Fuck it, I want in on this art scam too. I’m going to clean out all the useless junk from around my house and just stick it one big pile and slap a price tag on it. Boom = instant art millionaire. Done and done.

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