Vomit Painter Throws Up On Canvas To Create Works Of Art

If you don’t think this is art, then you clearly just don’t get it. Meet vomit painter Millie Brown…

Yeah, that’s right — art. If you don’t think this is art, then you clearly just don’t understand what art is. What you think just anyone can drink some milk, throw it back up, have it splash randomly over a canvas and call it art? Nope — only a real artist can do that. Years and years of study and dedication, not to mention a ton of philosophising and soul searching.




How can you say that’s not art? 27-year-old Millie Brown’s ‘Nexus Vomitus’ took the art world by storm when she vomited it up back in 2011. Millie starves herself for 2 days then drinks dyed soy milk before puking luminous colours out onto a blank canvas in front of an enchanted crowd as opera singers provide music accompaniment.

Despite how ridiculous it might seem Brown did really well off the back of it. She’s been compared to Jackson Pollock, the famous drip painter, has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and counts Lady Gaga amongst her fans. Not bad.

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