50 Year Old Cindy Crawford Just Dropped These NSFW Photos And Boy Does She Still Have It

Crawford is still an icon and therefore she’s still getting her baps out.

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Cindy Crawford has had, and is still having, a pretty epic career. She’s 49 now, a TV host, model and actor. Fair play. Just last week she did a photo shoot for some shit or other on Malibu beach. For some reason she decided to go pretty much wabs out. Well, I guess it wasn’t her idea, it was probably some pushy photographer celeb fashion type. Although she’s defo old enough and wealthy enough to say no.

Now, I have nothing against anyone of any size and any age getting naked in public. It matters not one jot to me. But you have to ask, why now? She would have looked a little more classy if she’d kept them nip-nips covered, but hey, I ain’t no fashion guru.

Whatever. Before you look at the photos here are some choice quotes from the Daily Mail‘s readership to keep you enchanted:


She looks amazing. This is what you call growing old gracefully.


Put those guns back in their holster you desperado.


The white dress does not look good on her. Her facial features have become too hard and she is looking manly.


Looks terrible. My grand mother had 9 kids by the time she was 40 and looked stunning with an hour glass figure so Cindy sorry don’t let them fool you. You are far from an inspiration as a muliti millionare mother of just two kids with hair dressers maids, nannies, rich husband i would say you look pretty bad.

Haters gonna hate. Click through the following slides. They are NSFW just to remind you so get ready to minimise the window if the office Fuhrer peeps his head round the corner.

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