Chinese Farmer Uses Blow-Up Sex Doll As Makeshift Scarecrow

Scarecrow sex dolls

Agriculture just got a sexy new makeover.

A farmer in China has been using a weird looking inflatable sex doll in order to scare off birds as well as people from his crop. The muddy doll has only been given a yellow safety helmet while everything else has been left naked.

According to the farmer it has been quite effective at deterring unwanted visitors. That would certainly work on me – looks like some sort of Buffalo Bill shit right there. It is reported to have originally belonged to a worker at a nearby construction site in Chengdu, China. Does that mean this is a USED blow up doll? That’s seriously rancid. To be fair, the bottom half does look properly mashed up.

Scarecrow sex doll

The remains of the worker’s fun bag were found by the farmer, who erected it in a rapeseed field to repel crows and other unwanted guests. Apparently the yellow hat, which also belonged to the construction worker, was placed in order to add more “surrealism” to the doll and also to cover the jet-black hair.

Images of the scarecrow have gone viral in China — obviously they see the funny side of it too. From far away it almost looks like some sort of abstract art piece.

It’s a shame that guy who loved to have sex with scarecrows died — this is pretty much his ideal lover.

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