Chemtrails: Conspiracy Theorist Vs Rational Person – Do We Have Anything To Worry About?


Look into the sky on a sunny day. Chances are you’ll see a few contrails and – according to some – chemtrails.

Look into the sky on a sunny day.

Chances are you’ll see a few contrails, “a visible trail of streaks of condensed water vapour or ice crystals sometimes forming in the wake of an aircraft.”

There are people who believe that these contrails in the sky are really ‘chemtrails’ — poisonous chemicals sprayed into the sky as part of a secret government plot to either control world population via harmful chemicals or put us all under mind control, depending on the theory.

I thought I’d take each point that I found whilst researching the threat of chemtrails, and see whether there is any validity to them.


CONSPIRACY THEORIST:  Normal contrails don’t last very long, but “chemtrails” last for hours and sometimes spread out.

RATIONAL PERSON SAYS: Untrue. Contrails fade away/persist/spread out depending on the weather conditions. They have always behaved this way.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: Chemical tests reveal aluminium and barium have been sprayed.

RATIONAL PERSON: Again, untrue. The tests showed normal levels of chemicals.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: Contrails have appeared in “parallel lines”, “grid” and “X” formations, which is not normal, so they must be “chemtrails”.

RATIONAL PERSON: All you are observing are different patterns in the sky. Observe also the number of planes in the sky and the various directions they are all flying in.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: Why do some planes leave long trails, and others do not?

RATIONAL PERSON: It depends on a few things; the type of engine the plane is using, the weather it’s flying through and most importantly the altitude. It’s also very localised. A plane might leave a trail in one region and another plane a mile away might not leave anything.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: How come? Explain further.

RATIONAL PERSON: There are different regions of air: wet air and dry air. When the plane is in wet air, it makes a contrail. In dry air it does not. Simple!

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: I’ve seen two planes fly through roughly the same region on the same day. One left a contrail and one didn’t!

RATIONAL PERSON: Wet and dry air can exist within a few feet of each other. Consider clouds for example. Inside the cloud it’s wet. Outside it’s dry. What’s the difference between inside and outside? A few feet.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: If there are normal everyday contrails, how come some days the sky is littered with them and other days there are none at all?

RATIONAL PERSON: This is because the weather differs from day to day. Some days the conditions are right for contrails to persist and spread (wet air, wind) and sometimes they are not.  It’s always been like this, though obviously there are more planes in the sky now than there were a few decades ago.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: I don’t remember seeing big fat trails from jet planes when I was kid.

RATIONAL PERSON: Just because you fail to remember something it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. You are seeing these big fat trails now because you are looking for them. How much attention did you honestly pay to contrails when you were a kid? There are plenty of newspaper clipping and photos that will show you. Look it up and you will also find your confusion over contrails goes as far back as the 1950’s.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: A bill to ban chemtrails was introduced into congress by Dennis Kucinich, but quickly had chemtrails edited out.

RATIONAL PERSON: Not true. HR 2977 was written by a bunch of UFO enthusiasts keen to expose a conspiracy that was hiding alien technology. Dennis Kucinich did not write the bill and did not even know what chemtrails were. When he found out he quickly distanced himself and the bill was re-written. See here.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST: Public Law 105-85 gives the military permission to experiment with chemical and biological weapons on humans, without their consent.

RATIONAL PERSON: Even if this were true, it would still not be proof of chemtrails. Of course, it isn’t true. 105-109 Sec. 1078 actually PREVENTS experiments except for peaceful purposes, and can only do so with consent from the subjects. It’s essentially the same procedure as human drug trials.


So there we go. Obviously, we can’t be 100% sure, but I think it’s fairly safe to say – looking at it rationally – that we have nothing to worry about as far as chemtrails go. If anyone has any other pointers or wants a friendly debate, get involved in the comments.

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