Check Out This Awesome Time-Lapse Video Of The Grand Canyon Filling With Clouds

This time-lapse video below is quite literally mind-blowing.

The Grand Canyon is kicking out the jams as far as weather is concerned at the moment. We posted some amazing photos of a weird fog there last week and now there’s an awesome time-lapse video charting the event.

In general air gets colder the further you go up, but that’s not always the case. A pocket of cold air can sometimes get trapped underneath a warmer section of air meaning that the clouds sit on the ground rather than up in the sky where they rightly belong. That’s what happened last week in the Grand Canyon and the time-lapse video below is quite literally mind-blowing.

This temperature inversion is the same deal as fog rolling in off the sea, but in this epic landscape it looks all the more amazing. Suck this into your eyes:

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