17 Stomach Churningly Good Viewing Spots

Check out these 17 amazing places we wish we were at right now.

I’m not terrified by heights, but I like to think I’ve got a fairly sensible and healthy cautious vibe around big drop offs. I’m certainly not as ball heavy as those Russian nut jobs that clambered up those massive buildings in Dubai. No Sir, I’m more sensible than that.

I reckon that even a die hard vertigo sufferer has to agree that a good view from an elevated position is always pretty awesome. If you get the chance to pick up some bifterz and beers and chill out for a day somewhere high up then you’re a lucky fella and all is right with the world.

Picking the best place to get off your tits is a tough job though, there’s a lot to consider. The most important thing is that the venue needs to be fairly easy to get down from once you’ve finished getting smashed. A lot of people make the error of picking somewhere complicated to dismount from and suffer later on in the evening. Also, your chosen position needs to be relatively free of people, because let’s face it, most people are divs.

Here’s a few awesome look out points across the world that made me so jealous I cried and had to do a quick vengeful vomit before I could post them. It’s not good to covet people’s asses, the Bible tells me so, but I’m sorry, I AM COVETING THESE BITCHES HARD. So take a stroll through these pics and wish you were there:

1) Cap de Formentor, Majorca


2) Dead Horse Point, Utah


3) Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland

Awesome Look Out Spots - Fjaðrárgljúfur Iceland

4) Grand Canyon, USA

Awesome Look Out Spots - Grand Canyon

5) Kvalvika Beach, Norway

Female hiker overlooking Kvalvika beach from nearby mountain, Moskenesoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

6)  Lake Ritsa, Georgia

Awesome Look Out Spots - Lake Ritsa Georgia

7) Machu Picchu, Peru


8) Aurlandsfjorden, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway

Awesome Look Out Spots - Near Aurlandsvangen, Aurlandsfjorden, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway

9) Lofoten Islands, Norway

Awesome Look Out Spots - Norway's Lofoten Islands

10) Nova Scotia, Canada

Awesome Look Out Spots - Nova Scotia

11) Petra, Jordan

Awesome Look Out Spots - Petra

12) Phuket, Thailand

Awesome Look Out Spots - Phuket Thailand

13) Preikestolen, Norway

Awesome Look Out Spots - Preikestolen Norway

14) Pucha, Austria

Awesome Look Out Spots - Pucha Austria

15) Romsdalen, Nroway

Awesome Look Out Spots - Romsdalen, Nroway

16) South America, Unknown

Awesome Look Out Spots - South America Unknown

17) Yao Noi, Thailand

Awesome Look Out Spots - Yao Noi Thailand

Bastards, the lot of them. I bet you’re coveting now too, aren’t you?


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