Catnip: Egress To Oblivion


Catnip is being abused by cats across the globe, but what do we really know about this substance? Here’s a video that sheds a bit more light on the utterly fantastic, utterly terrifying, utterly powerful and utterly unpredictable drug that is catnip.

“Once ingested, catnip goes off like an atomic bomb.”

Catnip is a substance that we all love to give our cats, but do we know what it actually does to them? I don’t have a clue but I know it send my cat completely WEST. I’ve found that different strains of Catnip (Tesco, Aldi, the local pet store) have different effects on the cat. One strain will make my feline friend walk around like he’s just ingested a shot cap worth of strong acid, whereas another strain will make him race around erratically like he’s just hoofed a hench slug of Peruvian Flake. It’s a crazy substance that does crazy things, but do we really know what it does between our feline’s ears?

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This short video entitled ‘CATNIP: EGRESS TO OBLIVION” was produced by the Sundance Institute, and takes a closer look into the powerful substance that is commonly abused by cats across the world. Check it:

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