Here’s What Happens When A Cat Tries To Eat A Live Octopus For Dinner…

A cat is no match for an octopus. This fella learned that the hard way.

Recently we presented to you a terrifying video of an octopus leaping from a rock pool and viciously attacking a crab. When we posted that video our scientific team were rightly concerned that evolution had taken a massive step forward and that molluscs were set to reign down terror on mammalian kind. The video that follows compounds those fears.

Any sensible person would assume that a cat, a high-functioning feline, would be able to outsmart a slimy tentacled fool. Well think again Mr Sensible, the cephalopods are on the march.

Having imbued the following clip with a sinister side salad of gravitas, I think it’s also important to point out that this video is a bucket load of jokes. I know the internet loves cats, and for good reason, but you’ve got to admit they can be a bit full of themselves sometimes. They’re oftentimes verging on arrogant, come on, admit it. So it’s kind of nice to see a cat getting a stone cold dish of comeuppance.

Suck on this kitty:

Joking aside, octopus probably are going to make an attempt to take over at some point. Maybe it’s time to bring back octopus wrestling?


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