Carol Vorderman Rocks Ridiculously Tight Trousers, Sends Internet Into A Frenzy Again

The comments.

Is there anyone who receives compliments online better than Carol Vorderman? The Countdown legend absolutely lives for it. Good for her as well. As she told us she’s single, happy and enjoys a life full of sex with different partners. I think that’s what 58 year olds call “living my best life”.  

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Look how positively giddy she gets whenever they put her in the papers for no reason. Remember that day she “accidentally” found herself getting papped by the paparazzi?

Well this week Vorders was on ITV talking about condoms, and as she left the studios she showed off this A+ outfit:

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She was properly chuffed with the attention afterwards:

Naturally these photos brought out the internet’s finest:

You can just imagine Vorders grinning from ear to ear as she reads her Twitter feed in bed at night. Still, nothing touches this comment left on another photo of hers:

Legendary stuff.

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