Here’s Carlton Teaching Snoop Dogg How To Do The Carlton

Carlton Snoop Dogg

This guy really does have it sweet these days doesn’t he?

Whenever you hear from Alfonso Ribeiro these days, it seems inevitable that he’ll be hanging out with some celebrities and doing the Carlton – unless he’s doing it on Dancing With The Stars of course – and this time it’s no exception.

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I’m not sure where they were hanging out, but Ribeiro ran into Snoop Dogg over the weekend and of course there was only one thing on Snoop Dogg’s mind after meeting him and that was how to perfect the Carlton dance. Ribeiro was only too happy to oblige him, as you can see by the video evidence below:

Fantastic. Can’t wait to see Snoop busting that out on the reg when he’s playing live soon. And what about that line at the end huh – I wonder how long Snoop has been waiting to drop that one out?

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