Cardi B ‘Upgraded’ Her Massive Ass Tattoo & The Results Are Immense (NSFW)

Oh my.

Great news everybody! Tattoo parlours have re-opened and Cardi B has gone and upgraded that absolute eyesore of a tattoo she’s had on her butt since her stripper/hooker days in the Bronx.

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Here’s the before and after:

Whoa! That’s not tacky at all. Why didn’t she get it done sooner?

Here’s another look:

Classy. Vibrant. Stunning. Just like Cardi H herself. Good on the tattoo artist for doing such an excellent job. TBH I’m surprised she revamped the peacock instead of getting rid of it altogether, considering it’s probably witnessed all those crimes she committed drugging & robbing men while working as a hooker. Personally I’d have liked her to replace it with full-body tiger camo like she did for the ‘Twerk’ video but oh well, we can’t have it all:

For the time a male model sued Cardi B for $5 million after she used an image of him performing oral sex on her for her album cover, click HERE.


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