Forget Paper Planes, Cardboard Planes Are The Future

Paper is dead. Long live Lord Cardboard and all of his mighty crafts.

Paper planes can be mighty impressive, remember that video featuring the best paper plane throw of all time? Pretty epic. But the time for paper planes is over, new technology is upon us. Like a phoenix rising from the flames, Lord Cardboard is coming to the fore. Paper is nothing but cardboard’s flimsy and arrogant cousin, all white and showy. Cardboard is the true bark pulp Lord.

So, a couple of fellas built a plane from cardboard and filmed its inaugural flight. The fact that it flies so impressively isn’t the best bit about this video though, the guys reactions to its success are what makes it gold. They simply can’t believe how well they’ve done.

Revel in their wizardry:

If you’re still a paper kind of guy, check out this video that shows how to make a paper plane fly forever.


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