Is This The Greatest Paper Aeroplane Throw Of All-Time?

Whoever is responsible for this deserves a knighthood.

One benefit of the Internet is that cool stuff is posted on it pretty regularly, and with Sick Chirpse being the Kings of Procrastination that we are, we delight in bringing them to your attention.

Any of you into your football will know that on Friday night (May 30th), England played Peru in their last home friendly before jetting off to Florida in preparation of this year’s World Cup Finals. England won the game 3-0, but some sections of the crowd must have been a bit bored because a group of them decided to craft paper aeroplanes out of god knows what, and hurl them at the pitch, and the result is absolutely sick. The reaction’s probably even better though.

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If anyone has a better paper aeroplane throw to show, then comment below or send it in to us.

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