The Bumble Match Who Married On Their First Date Have Divorced After Two Months

Hate to say I told you so.

Remember a couple of months ago when we ran a story about the Bumble match that got married on their first date and jetted off to Las Vegas to celebrate? How zany was that?

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Well, as I’m sure many of you predicted – including us over here – the marriage hasn’t ended up going too well and the couple have now ended up divorced after just a couple of months of marriage. Did anyone out there really think that it was going to work?

If you remember the original story, then you might recall that they weren’t really giving themselves the best chance of success as after their initial marriage Sarah Elliott and Paul Edwards decided to move in with not one, but two of Sarah’s ex boyfriends. They also both happened to be called Paul as well. Honestly, like this was ever, ever going to work under any circumstances?

Anyway, it only took two months until Paul decided he wanted out. Sarah isn’t fazed though, as she’s decided monogamy isn’t for her and has already embarked on a relationship with two men aged 27 and 29. You go girl.

Here’s what she had to say to The Sun:

My marriage may be over but it has opened me up to a whole new world.

I no longer believe monogamy and marriage is the be-all and end-all. Now I’m living the polyamorous lifestyle and loving it.

My rainbow hair is the embodiment of the new me – strong, confident and ready for whatever the weather.

I wasn’t initially attracted to Paul. But he seemed laid-back and nice and I was swept away in the moment.

I love kinky parties and role playing and although Paul was not au fait with that world, he was open to it.

I thought I’d met my match, in and out of the bedroom.

At first all three Pauls got on well. We were one big, happy, albeit unusual, family.

But my husband was very jealous of one of my Pauls, who I’d had a long-term relationship with and who shared the mortgage.

Everyone was getting on well. We were playing a board game and chilling out together at home.

But Paul got funny because I was apparently sitting two inches closer to my ex on the sofa.

He accused me of still being in love with him.

After that night the atmosphere turned sour and both ex Pauls started to hide in their rooms. It should have been a huge red flag.

I understood my Paul’s fears as it was a weird set-up. I’d sometimes be with my ex in his room, comforting him, but leaving the door open to appease my husband.

But Paul would storm in and accuse me of sleeping with Paul.

Despite everything, I don’t regret my relationship with Paul because I have learnt so much about myself and I’m much stronger and confident now.

But I am never dating another Paul again . . . it’s a rubbish name anyway.

Well in all honesty that has to be one of the dumbest stories I’ve ever heard. How did anyone involved with it ever think it was going to work? Perhaps a better question is how do any of them even exist in the first place?

One of the funniest things about it is that when husband Paul left Sarah’s flat, he also convinced the other Paul (not Sarah’s ex, the other one. I know, confusing) to leave as well and move in with him. Not sure if that’s a bro move or they’re going out with each othe rnow, but either way it’s a weird little footnote on the end of it a strange story isn’t it?

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