Britney Spears Dresses In Bikini To Share Her Beach Essentials For October (??) In Bizarre Instagram Video

Very strange behaviour.

It’s been well documented in recent years – beginning all the way back in 2007 when she shaved her head and more recently when her own lawyer said she was comparable to a coma patient when making decisions – that Britney Spears is experiencing what some may describe as a mental breakdown and it continues to get worse in this latest video.

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The Instagram post see Spears dressing in a bikini to explain to us her five essential items that she always takes with her to visit the beach. This might have been kind of cute and wholesome – in fact you have even clicked on this article thinking that might have been the case – but sadly Britney looks kind of haggard and wired and the whole video kinda comes across like she’s well, in the middle of a mental breakdown.

Take a look below and see what you think:


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Whoa. Whilst her top five tips for the beach might be kinda useful – you know if it was summer and not October – she literally comes across like a spoilt seven year old kid stuck in an adult’s body and the whole feel of the video is kinda creepy and worrying.

You’ve gotta wonder who is behind the camera and is encouraging her to share content like this with the world because there’s absolutely no way that they have her best interests at heart. Let’s not beat around the bush on this one because it’s really, really grim – hopefully Britney can get the help she needs and sort herself out in the not too distant future and this video serves as a wake up call to whoever is supposed to be looking after her. We’re all Team Britney over here.

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