VIDEO: Brazilian Bandits Fire AK-47s Into The Air After Amateur Team Score Penalty

Brazilian Bandits Fire AK47

This is certainly one way to celebrate scoring a goal.

All we’re hearing about in the run up to the World Cup is about how dangerous Brazil is and how pretty much every tourist is going to get fucked up whilst they’re over there (which has me pretty much terrified considering I’m flying out there in 33 days) and this video does nothing to reassure any worries that anyone might have about going over there this Summer.

The scene is an amateur football match in Bangu (the west of Rio Di Janeiro) where you can see a side dressed in the familiar yellow shirt of Brazil scoring a penalty in front of some fans who are behind a cage. To celebrate, instead of jumping up and screaming or hugging each other, some fans – or bandits as the local newspapers have termed them – decide to fire off a bunch of AK47s into the air for about 30 seconds.

Er, what!? I’m hoping I don’t see even one gun like this on the streets of Brazil while I’m over there. Dangerous.

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