Bow Wow Had The Lamest Response Ever To Being Roasted By The #BowWowChallenge

Life is tough when you peak at 12 years old.

In case you missed it, Bow Wow made a total tit of himself earlier this week by claiming he was taking his private jet to New York…

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Only for it to be revealed that he was flying economy class on a regular plane:

Since then, Twitter has got the hilarious #BowWowChallenge going, in which people savagely troll Bow Wow by tweeting their own fake tales of wealth:

You’d think the best thing for Bow Wow to do is to admit he’s been caught out, wipe the slate clean and try again, right?

Instead, he’s refusing to admit that the original private jet photo was borrowed off a Florida limo company’s website, and what’s more insists he doesn’t have to prove anything:

The thing with the Internet is — we live in a time where it’s a show and prove type of thing. A lot of people can’t take comments. A lot of people can’t take scrutiny. So therefore, as a man, I hope you have balls to stand up for yourself and fight for yourself. A guy like me, like today they put up a story about me not coming to New York in a private plane … but I know how I got to New York, you know what I mean? So it’s like … what do I have to prove? Like I’m not gonna get on my Instagram and make a one minute video … like for what? Cause then you’ll get comments like “You’re Bow Wow, you have nothing to prove.” So therefore, if you know who you are you’ve got nothing to prove.

When you claim you’re flying your own private jet and are then categorically busted flying commercial with the rest of us average joes, you do sorta need to prove it, Bow Wow. Oh well, let the roasting continue.

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