Lil Bow Wow Posts That He’s Flying On ‘His’ Private Jet, Gets Snapped On Commercial Flight

Life is tough when you peak at 12 years old.

Shad Moss AKA Lil Bow Wow (still alive apparently) has been caught out in an outrageous lie by his social media followers this week.

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Bow Wow shared a photo on Instagram of a private jet, claiming he he was headed to New York for a day of press for the show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’:

Just one problem with that, he borrowed the photo of the private jet from a Florida limo service’s website:

vip limo

What’s more, he was then photographed flying on a commercial flight like a total loser:

How out of touch with reality do you have to be to think you can get away with posting fake photos of your ‘private jet’ on Instagram? It’s 2017 – you’re getting caught out every single time. Especially when you’re a celebrity sharing your fake pics from the lounge of some budget airline as you wait to board economy class with the rest of the common folk.

I guess life isn’t easy when you peak at 12 years old – just ask Little Hercules.


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