Here’s What It Looks Like On A $21,000 First Class Flight From Dubai To New York


You get your own private shower and sleeping capsule.

First class is like the Holy Grail – everyone has heard of it but nobody has actually experienced it or even really knows if it actually even exists.

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This video kind of proves that it does though, as some guy called Casey Neistat luckily got bumped up from business class to first class on his flight from Dubai to New York and decided to film the whole experience to show to everyone what it was actually like. A ticket would originally have cost $21,000 and it seems like there’s no expense spared – how could there be at that price? – as you get your own private shower, sleeping capsule, electric doors for your seat, his own motorised mini bar and much much more:

Wow. I always knew caviar didn’t look that nice but what a trip that must be. I guess you get what you pay for when you spend $21,000 on a seat right? My favourite part was probably the pyjamas they sent you over, that’s really cute of them isn’t it? It’s kinda lame you have to share the shower with the other passengers though – I thought that thing was meant to be private.

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