Boris Johnson Shuts Down Donald Trump After Trump Talks Utter Crap About London

Classic Boris Johnson burn right here.

Donald Trump appears to be on a mission to say the craziest things possible just to see how far he can take it — that’s got to be the case after he suggested the US out-right ban all Muslims the other day.

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But when he tried to speak for London and other parts of the world, Boris Johnson just had to get involved.

Here’s what Trump told MSNBC:

Paris is no longer the same city it was.

They have sections in Paris that are radicalised, where the police refuse to go there. They’re petrified. The police refuse to go in there.

We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own lives. We have to be very smart and very vigilant.

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Boris Johnson responded:

Donald Trump’s ill-informed comments are complete and utter nonsense.

As a city where more than 300 languages are spoken, London has a proud history of tolerance and diversity and to suggest there are areas where police officers cannot go because of radicalisation is simply ridiculous.

I would welcome the opportunity to show Mr Trump first hand some of the excellent work our police officers do every day in local neighbourhoods throughout our city.

Crime has been falling steadily in both London and in New York — and the only reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.

That last line is such a typical Boris Johnson-style burn.

The real worry of course is that Donald Trump has his supporters, who he warned at an evening rally in South Carolina that the terrorist situation “is going to get worse and worse, you’re going to have more World Trade Centers”.

I guess you’ve got to pick the lesser of two morons when dealing with these two. Let’s just have Ainsley Harriott run the world and be done with it.


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