Watch Boris Johnson Absolutely DESTROY A Young Japanese Kid In A Game Of Touch Rugby

Boris Johnson Rugby Tackles Kid

Brutal AF.

Boris Johnson has always been a bit of a lad during his reign as mayor of London, with incidents like this incredible basketball trick shot or getting stuck on a zip wire springing to mind, but he hasn’t been scared to dish out the pain either as this incident shows.

Boris is currently over in Japan promoting the Rugby World Cup and as he thought that a good way to do this would be to take part in a little friendly game with some Japanese children. Unfortunately for the kids, there’s no such thing as a friendly game with Boris Johnson and he proceeded to grab the ball and thoroughly take out some ten year old Japanese kid that was in his way. You can see the clip below:

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I mean if you’re going to get involved in a street tournament promoting a sport that’s alien to a country to young kids, you might as well be in it to win it right? Toki Sekiguchi – the kid who got smashed – said afterwards:

I felt a little bit of pain but it’s OK.

It was enjoyable to meet the mayor.

Yeah, looks like you had a great time kid. In fairness Boris did tell him he was very sorry afterwards and gave him a signed ball, but I think if you’re a ten year old boy getting absolutely smashed by a hulking behemoth of a man like Boris Johnson is probably going to give you nightmares for at least a week. I doubt he’s going to grow up being a rugby fan after that one.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Boris has done something like this. Remember when he rugby tackled a German player during a charity football match?


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