This Bloke Has Invented The Rankest Range Of Manly Shower Gel Scents


I love the smell of bacon in the morning.

Remember the soap dodging man who hasn’t showered for over 12 years? It’s enough to make your skin crawl, isn’t it?

Well, he invented a pro-biotic spray which supposedly cleans the skin, meaning you don’t have to come into contact with suds and water (if you’re that way inclined) – I doubt it’s made him a millionaire.

But, something that might catch on are these new manly shower gels invented by a bloke called Stuart Jolley. Apparently, Stu grew tired of the same old fluffy, floral shower gel scents, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

His new Wingman shower gel range is unconventional, to say the least, and his signature scents include Jet Fuel and Smoky Bacon (which strangely, is suitable for vegetarians).

I’m not sure that industrial fuel or singed pork flesh are smells that I would want wafting under my hooter all day, but it takes all sorts I suppose. People do love bacon though…

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Jolley explains:

Our research showed that loads of people love the smell of bacon so why not give people what they want? We all know the world of men’s toiletries is really boring, and we’re here to make it more interesting.

Fair enough, and scientists are saying that bacon is a scent that is linked to positivity, so by wearing it, your wildest dreams will come true.

Mind you, the Lynx adverts promised that by wearing their scents, you would turn into a real life Casanova almost instantly – in my experience, it just makes girls dry heave.

Maybe Wingman will truly take off; I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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