Blade To Be Rebooted As Marvel’s First Muslim Superhero, According To Rumours

Marvel could be changing Blade’s backstory in order to diversify the MCU.

The Blade movies were some of our favourite “bad” movies to watch growing up, and now they’re finally coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with one of the best actors in the game right now replacing the legendary Wesley Snipes.

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Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Free State Of Jones, House of Cards, True Detective) surprised the crowd at Comic Con last week when he threw on the Blade hat and confirmed his starring role:

According to film journalist Matthew Kadish, the word on the web is that Marvel president Kevin Feig is looking to diversify the Marvel universe and plans to reboot the character of Blade as a Muslim. 

Can’t hurt that Mahershala Ali himself is a Muslim, and even Wesley Snipes converted to Islam in 1978 (though he left the faith in 1988 – 10 years before he became Blade). 

There’s no official announcement on this but the idea of Blade being rebranded as a half-mortal, vampire-killing Muslim samurai has already got people talking and there’s not even a release date in sight. 

There are conflicting takes around Twitter:

So a female Thor, black female 007 and now a Muslim Blade. I don’t really see the problem as long as the movies are good and that they leave the ‘woke’ angles out of these films and focus on making a bunch of killer movies. Again these are purely rumours for now, so let’s see how they pull it off if it actually happens.

To see why Chris Pratt got accused of being a white supremacist last week, click HERE. Yikes.


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