People Think Black The Ripper Was Assassinated Because He ‘Exposed 5G/Coronavirus Link’


Rapper, Dank of England founder and hardcore Arsenal fan Black The Ripper sadly died this week aged 32 while at his holiday home on Montserrat in the Caribbean.

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An autopsy has been ordered after local police found Black, real name Dean West, unresponsive and were unable to determine the cause of death.

Well looks like some people have already figured out what happened, and it’s based around the fact Black The Ripper was sharing 5G/coronavirus conspiracy theories on Snapchat, along the lines of this:

Some of his fans have now come to the conclusion that this must mean Black The Ripper was assassinated by the government/illuminati/China for exposing their secrets.

Not even joking:

Um yeah, they sent a hitman to Montserrat to kill a guy whose following is barely outside London because he posted 5G conspiracy theories on Snapchat. I guess that means Amanda Holden, Amir Khan, Lee Ryan from Blue and Woody Harrelson are next? After all they’ve also been sharing 5G conspiracy theories which will have been seen by way more people. Not to mention we’d be living in a world where our overlords take out a UK rapper but not Julian Assange. It just doesn’t really add up does it?

RIP Black The Ripper and thoughts with the young family he’s left behind. Never forget:

To watch an annoying woman in East London berate a pair of workers for laying 5G cables, click HERE.


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