Annoying Woman Berates Workers For Laying 5G Cables Because They ‘Cause Coronavirus’

People don’t actually believe this, do they?

A woman has shared a video of herself confronting workers who were laying fibre optic cables in East London and calling them killers, over a conspiracy theory claiming that 5G is what’s killing people and not coronavirus.

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Never mind the fact that this makes no sense at all because the symptoms of any sort of radiation poisoning are nothing like coronavirus symptoms, but this idiot is also having a go at them for not being 2 metres apart… as she walks up to them for this pointless conversation:

What a weirdo. I mean I love a good conspiracy theory but this 5G/coronavirus one does not add up whatsoever. And besides if 5G is what’s making people sick, then doesn’t her whole ‘stand 2m apart’ argument become irrelevant? People like this just get a thrill out of ranting at others, they don’t even bother using their brains for 2 seconds. I mean she even calls UK hospitals ‘concentration camps of death’ FFS.

Lol @ the worker completely bemused by the situation though. He could not care less at all. Just wants to do his job, get paid and go home. Fair play to him for keeping calm and polite – don’t need that lady turning up the crazy even more.

P.S. Don’t go sending abuse at the woman who uploaded the clip:

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