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Playing online casino games is becoming an increasingly popular pastime in the UK. According to one study, the gross gambling yield of the online casino market in the UK is well over £5bn. This figure is likely to get bigger as time goes on, especially with many people continuing to direct much of their leisure time towards online activities as some elements of coronavirus pandemic lockdown persist.

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Despite the lucrative nature of these sites, it’s not always simple and easy to make deposits to these online casino sites. Depending on the site in question and how sophisticated its user experience is, there’s no guarantee that your favourite deposit methods will be represented. For those who use the globally popular PayPal service, this could be a real pain. Not only might it mean you have to find another method, it also means that PayPal’s world-class security and buyer protection services do not apply to your transfer.

Choosing an online casino that does accept PayPal is a wise choice for many. There’s a full list of PayPal casino sites available on, and this article will also share some information about where to go if you want to enjoy a flutter online while also having the protection of your favourite online money transfer site behind you.


The provider Novibet is a popular choice for those who want to get their hands on some PayPal-friendly online casino action. The provider offers a bonus of up to £100 for new players, meaning that your deposit can be stretched even further once it moves from PayPal to your player account. Another distinctive advantage of this provider is that it offers more than a thousand games to choose from — meaning that you’ll be able to find a game that suits you no matter what sort of roulette, poker or blackjack action you’re into.


Another popular site for many who want to use PayPal for their online gambling needs is Betway. In terms of bonuses, many Betway customers are pleasantly surprised when they receive a matched bonus of up to £250. It’s a 100% bonus, so you’ll be able to double your money thanks to Betway provided you deposit more than £20 to begin with. However, it must be redeemed within a week of you signing up. The bonus only applies to a deposit made either via PayPal or via a debit card — so if you did choose another sign-up method, you may not receive the bonus.

Grosvenor Casinos

When it comes to betting and gambling in the UK, Grosvenor is a name more associated with in-person fun given that the brand is responsible for some of the leading casinos in British city centres. However, the provider also has a strong online presence too. They also accept PayPal as part of their online offer. As is the case with some of the other casinos in this list of PayPal-friendly sites, Grosvenor Casinos also offers a bonus to customers who sign up using PayPal.

There is a bonus of £20 on offer from this provider once your deposit is made, which makes it a fair bit lower than a lot of competitors. There is also a minimum wagering obligation of 5 times the amount. The bonus can only be redeemed on the first deposit, and gamblers are encouraged to check the terms and conditions of the site first to ensure that the rules of the bonus meet their deposit plans.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is another name that is associated with in-person gambling, although the brand is more High Street than high end and tends to focus its in-person outlets on sports betting. Similar to Grosvenor Casinos, it has managed to successfully diversify and put together a strong online casino offering. It accepts PayPal at its online casino, and it’s also well known for its mobile application which allows for gambling on the go. Those who want to replicate the excitement of a real-world casino, can enjoy the live casino offering that Paddy Power is rightly well-known and admired for.

So, while your online casino Paddy Power experience might be very different to your in-person Paddy Power experience, it’s still worth checking out — especially if you want to use PayPal and enjoy some extra bonus cash in the process thanks to its one hundred free spins offer.

Mansion Casino

This list wouldn’t be complete without an honourable mention of Mansion Casino, a pro-PayPal online casino which offers not just a welcome bonus but also a whole package of bonuses to new customers. Once a deposit has been made, customers are eligible for a bonus of up to £500 — which makes this provider industry leading in many ways.

The bonuses are delivered at different times, allowing players to maximise the benefits they enjoy. The first deposit made by a customer can deliver up to £200 in bonuses, while the second deposit can net them a maximum of £300. With cashback offers also available, Mansion Casino is clearly one of the market leaders in its field when it comes to ensuring PayPal customers get maximum bang for their buck.


When it comes to bonuses from PayPal-friendly online casinos, Casiplay is often ranked highly because of the high levels of rewards on offer for customers looking to play all sorts of games. The provider offers a bonus equal to 100% of £800 deposited, which is one of the highest reward levels in the industry. Again, however, it’s worth checking carefully whether or not you’re eligible, as there are some exceptions. There’s also a free spin offer available, too, so you can enjoy an added boost when playing slot games of up to 30 spins.

The name is becoming increasingly well-known — and the fact that it allows deposits via PayPal is just one of the reasons for this. It also does what it says on the tin and providers a wide range of online casino games as well as a variety of top incentives for signing up. Its welcome bonus of up to £100 is available for customers who make a deposit of £20 or more, and provided the amount is above that threshold, the amount wagered is matched.

Unlike many online casino sites offering bonuses, this broker offers not just cash bonuses designed to boost the coffers of players, but also a series of free spins as well. There is also a cashback system in place — although these specific offers can only be redeemed in the first couple of weeks of gaming.

PayPal is quite rightly known for being one of the world’s most user-friendly and convenient ways of sending cash from one place to the next. For many online casino game players in the UK, PayPal is a great way to get cash from your bank account to your gaming wallet and start winning — without having to worry about the security issues involved with bank transfers, credit card fraud and more.

By choosing casino services that are PayPal compatible, you won’t have to compromise on your account deposit method — and can instead focus on sharpening up your gaming skills and winning big at the casino. With many PayPal casinos also offering amazing offers designed to boost your winnings, there’s plenty to be gained.


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