Shit Hot Games For Gameboy Advance Part 2

Bored and poor? Sick Chirpse is here to sort you out with life-destroying fun.

We’re back for more shit hot games! Here’s the second half of the top 10 Gameboy Advance games that kick ass. Missed the first half? Click this link.

5) Final Fantasy I-VI (Except Not III Which Nobody Played Anyway)

Again, a huge topic to broach, and I seriously don’t have the time and Sick Chirpse doesn’t have the hard-drive space to contain the fanboy, so I’ll be brief.

Final Fantasy is like THE RPG, and to some, it is a big part of childhood too. Most people will have played and loved 7, and some will have played 8 and hated every second of it, but that’s another story.

This is the origin of that series. The best part? Each game has nothing to do with the one before it, so you can pick up any installment and be just as confused as anyone else playing it. Remember, just like with Harvest Moon, the series was made in Japan, so if you’re used to western RPGs you can expect something different.

The first five games are pretty much this: evil has started happening all over the world because one guy just decided to be a dick and the four crystals of light all broke. Everyone else seems to either run around like headless chickens or just continue standing in the same spot saying the same thing over and over — just like in real life! You and three of your friends have rejected these choices, instead opting to go and save the world.

It’s a simple plot, but it’s there to be fun, not to be intellectually stimulating. Don’t change a winning formula right?

I’ve taken a whole bunch of hilarious screencaps from my adventures in Final Fantasy land, so take a look.

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