Shit Hot Games For Gameboy Advance Part 2

Bored and poor? Sick Chirpse is here to sort you out with life-destroying fun.

4) Gameboy Games

There’s no way I could do a top 10 without throwing in a curveball. Remember this badboy?

That’s right; you can play Gameboy games on your Gameboy advance. It’s such a rad console that it can play games that weren’t designed for it.

Didn’t like Pokemon Ruby? Well, why not stick with Red & Blue? Catch 100 missingnos and crash the game. Super Mario Land 1&2 are both classics, and if you’re in the EU you can get a remake of the original Super Mario Bros!

A steaming heap of nostalgia.

☛ More Pokemon: PETA Wages War On Pokemon For Animal Cruelty

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