The Way This Guy Dumps His Cheating Girlfriend Is Absolutely Savage (VIDEO)

You’ll get seriously pumped waiting for this girl’s reaction.

The internet has shown us time and time again that people deal with news of their partners cheating on them in very different ways. One person might cut their husband’s dick off, another might set his mistress on fire. Sometimes the two innocent parties will team up to shame the cheater on camera and send it viral. There’s literally so many ways you can go with it.

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This man saw his girlfriend cheating on him as a prime opportunity to create, as he’s titled it, ‘the best dumping video of a cheating girl you will ever see’. Have to say I was pumped as he was explaining the back story and how he was going to break the news to his girlfriend that he knew.

Check out the big reveal below:

Brutal. One second you think you’re going on a trip of a lifetime to see the northern lights and the next you’re being asked who the fuck Tommy Rue is. Total mind-fuck, and to do it on camera? Just savage.

Personally I wish he’d stayed in the room a bit longer so that she might try to explain herself (not that it would make a difference), but at the end of the day the guy knew exactly how he wanted to play this, and he pulled it off to perfection, and no one was really harmed in the end.

But wow — talk about building someone up only to bring them crashing back down to earth. Here’s hoping Neil finds happiness elsewhere — doesn’t seem like someone who’s going to waste any time moping around.

As a bonus, here’s a video of a guy catching his girlfriend cheating on him on the street, and suplexing the other guy to oblivion.


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