Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating On Him In The Street, Delivers Justice Via A Bodyslam

Cheating Boyfriend Powerslammed

That’s justice for you.

Cheating sucks and we all know it, but there’s really no need for the guy who’s enabling the cheating to start a fight on the guy who’s being cheated on is there? Surely he’s already won and it’s only natural that the guy getting cheated on probably wants to blow off some steam and maybe start a fight with him.

However, that’s completely the opposite in this situation in which the other dude gets a bit pissed off with the boyfriend venting at both he and the chick after catching them at it in the street and subsequently takes a swing at him to get him to shut up. Fortunately, the boyfriend is a lot more nimble then this big looking guido idiot and manages to duck his punch and then give him one of the most painful looking powerslams in history, with his face connecting with the floor massively and knocking him out cold.

Rough justice, but probably not as funny as when this best man caught his buddy’s girlfriend cheating on him in the act.


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