Belle Delphine Is BACK With A NSFW Music Video & People Are Losing Their Minds

Just what 2020 needs.

Remember Belle Delphine? She blew up massively last year after making a fortune selling her bathwater online, before raking it in with her Patreon account and eventually being booted off social media for sharing a disturbing video of herself with a dead octopus.

Well anyway, after a brief hiatus, Belle Delphine is back and as weird as ever. Get a load of this madness:

Um, wow. I honestly don’t know whether 2020 just got better or worse. The reaction online has been pretty mixed:

Delphine has also been plugging her OnlyFans, which will no doubt make her a killing in no time. In fact it looks like she already has 5.5k subscribers at $35 a month which means she’s making $192,500 per month already to share photos and videos of herself nude on the internet. Has there ever been a more lucrative time to be an e-girl than in 2020?

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she does something to piss everyone off again and goes on another mini-hiatus, but until then I guess she’s just gonna be banging out the content. Remember the time that incel gamer guy vaped her bathwater? Lol.


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