Belle Delphine Set Up A Pornhub Account And Sent Her Followers Into Meltdown (NSFW)

The incels are losing their minds.

For the uninitiated, Bell Delphine is the UK gamer girl/cosplayer who is making a killing selling her bath water to horny nerds on the internet and also has a Patreon account set up where you can pay to (maybe) have sex with her

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Well a few weeks back Belle shared this photo onto Instagram claiming that if it got 1 million likes, she would set up a Pornhub account:

As you can see the photo racked up 2 million likes and so true to her word, the 19-year-old set up the official Belle Delphine Pornhub account. 

Unfortunately for the millions out there who had been saving up their sperm for the official unveiling of Belle’s Pornhub account, Belle completely trolled them by using clever wordplay on her videos which turned out to be softcore porn at best. 

For example, ‘Belle Delphine gets BLACK in her HOLE’ is just a video of her potting the 8-ball in a game of pool, ‘Bell Delphine plays with her PUSSY’ is a video of her playing with a cat, and so on… 

Check out all those downvotes from her disappointed followers:

As you can imagine, the incels were absolutely fuming.

Get a load of some of these messages:

I mean some of those comments are just mind-blowing. It’s hard to tell whether these are genuine messages of abuse or parodies but there’s so much of them that you have to think at least some of them are real. Fair play to Belle on this one – grade A trolling indeed. 

What’s mad to think about is all the money Belle Delphine is making right now. Her videos routinely get millions of views. Even videos other YouTubers make talking about her get millions of views.

If just 5 people out of those millions subscribed to GOD TIER on her Patreon account, that’s $12,500 (£10,000) she’s making in a month. Not bad for a 19-year-old. 


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