Breaking News: A Brussells Hotel Is In Lockdown Following Threat of A ‘Serious Terror Threat’

Scary times.

The Radisson Blu hotel in Brussels has been placed in lockdown, after a ‘serious and imminent’ terror threat.

It’s not yet apparent exactly what the threat is, but armed soldiers are patrolling the area, with the street cordoned off and the hotel being guarded.

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Guests have been told to stay in their rooms for security.

Journalist and cameraman Stuart Webb was at the scene, and live-Tweeted the events as they unfolded.

He said:

The security advice to stay inside appears to be for the area here — not the hotel specifically.

Soldiers and staff advised us not to leave the hotel – but being journalists we needed to to news gather and they have allowed us to.

Another Twitter account was at the scene.

A spokesperson for the hotel said:

There is no imminent threat, but we want our guests to keep as safe as possible.

The widespread state of emergency in Brussels is going to continue, with schools and the subway system being closed on Monday. Belgian police are currently on the hunt for two fugitive terror suspects. It’s not yet known if this is connected, but it’s obviously an edgy time, considering recent events. Hopefully, the event will unfold peacefully, with no dramatic events or injuries.


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