There’s A New Bar Opening In London And It Doesn’t Serve Alcohol


A new alcohol-free bar is opening in London. Reckon it could work?

Launching on 21st July on the roof of Netil House, Bethnal Green, Redemption is a new bar that will be trialling an alcohol-free bar to test whether Londoners would like a bar that serves no booze. Instead, it will serve healthy food and ‘mocktails’ –  superfruit-infused cocktails to drink as the DJs spin their tunes and live performers take the stage.

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“Hey lads, yeah almost forgot — won’t be able to make it tonight. Hannah and I are going to this new bar where you don’t drink. Well you can drink, just not alcohol. You just sit down and talk — it’s going to be wild!”

We know Sick Chirpse readers aren’t exactly the key demographic for a place like this from some of your SnapChats, and it might even take a moment to register what the combination of words “alcohol free alternative” even mean, but it’s nice to know this place exists, right?

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If I did somehow fancy an alcohol-free night out I don’t think I’d want to go to the bar that’s constantly reminding me that it doesn’t serve alcohol. The place will probably be rammed full of recovering alcoholics anyway. Shut it down! Just kidding — head over to Netil House on 21st July and let us know what it’s saying.


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