Drunk Russian Guy Destroys Kitchen


Russian bros go at it so much harder than everyone else. This guy is a total pisshead and he absolutely ruins a kitchen.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been drunk as fvck and done stupid things (tattoos don’t count) and sorta regretted it in the morning. At Sick Chirpse HQ, it happens basically all the time and it’s like second nature now but that’s what chirpsing is all about, right? Fvck it, anyway.

Everyone goes on about how they shagged an absolute munter when they were smashed but that’s shit compared to some of the things we’ve seen and done. It’s a poor way out of the game and I bet most of you reading this have done some things much worse/more awesome than waking up next to someone with curly teeth and a face like Gary Neville.

As we know all too well, Russian bros are crazy and one of the crazy squad can probably drink more than me, you, Bruce Forsyth and Dale Winton put together and their drunk stories will make ours seem like a big, watery, hangover shit. As this guy shows. I wish I’ll do something as awesome/fucked-up as this some day.

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