The ‘Bagel Boss’ Guy Has Suffered A Stroke After Being Rejected By An Instagram Model

Wishing him a speedy recovery.

The infamous Bagel Boss guy who went viral earlier this year for yelling and ranting at customers inside a Bagel Boss shop in New York has suffered a stroke days after an Instagram model claimed he wouldn’t stop harassing her.

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Here’s a reminder of the video that made 45-year-old Chris Morgan famous earlier in the summer:

The NY Post earlier shared footage of Morgan recovering in hospital:

Morgan received a lot of criticism following his viral bagel shop freakout from people who claimed he was a misogynist and a prime example of toxic masculinity, even though many also sympathised with the fact he’s 5 foot tall and was simply fed up of being rejected by women and pushed around all his life.

Just nine days before his stroke, Instagram model Sarah Russi claimed Morgan had been pestering him after they met for a couple of work projects.

She told Page Six:

I told him I have a boyfriend, but Chris kept saying “You could do so much better.” He kept telling me how famous he was and asked me “How does it feel finally meeting me in person?”.

Chris then kept texting me, but I didn’t respond. Then on Tuesday, he sent me this picture with his shirt off. I was like “What the hell? Does he really think I’ll be turned on and text him back? He doesn’t exactly look that sexy”.

Ouch. I mean fair play to the guy for trying to use his newfound viral internet fame to sleep with an Instagram model who is miles out of his league, but I guess he should know by now that no means no and should have probably dropped it before she went speaking to publications and making him look like a tit.

There is one weird aspect to this story though which I discovered after Googling Sarah Russi. We’ve actually written about her before – she was the model who was shagging the 4ft 10 sugar daddy and swore she 100% wasn’t in it for the money:

This guy is older, shorter and (I’d say) uglier than Bagel Boss guy, and yet Sarah Russi is laughing in Bagel Boss’s face like he’s out of his mind thinking he’d have a shot with her. Mind-boggling stuff.

Anyway, let’s wish Bagel Boss AKA Chris Morgan a speedy recovery and hope he’s back out there making viral gold again soon. His friends have set up a GoFundMe if you want to check that out, and I guess we’ll round off the blog with some pics of Sarah Russi:

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My answer to everything…

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Waiting for your dad to pick me up.

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Showing off for the daddies.

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Not a care in the world. 👌

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