The Bagel Boss Had Another Major Meltdown And Ended Up Getting Arrested (VIDEO)

He’s being taken for a psych evaluation.

The Bagel Boss became a viral superstar a few weeks ago when a video of him ranting about women on dating sites thinking he was short in a bakery went viral due to the fact it was completely ridiculous and weird.

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Many thought that the Bagel Boss would fall into obscurity following his five minutes of viral fame, but the exact opposite seems to be happening as he’s popped up a whole bunch of time since his initial incursion into the public consciousness. Not only is he taking part in a celebrity boxing match with Lenny Dykstra (who?) in Atlantic City soon, but now he’s been filmed having another meltdown and actually ending up getting arrested because of it this time.

Of course, he doesn’t let up with his ranting in the face of the cops either. Get a load of this:

Pity it was so windy and you can’t really hear him ranting and raving about whatever the hell he’s on about, but it’s still quite jokes seeing him get arrested on the floor and taken away for a psych evaluation. Apparently, he was swinging a small bat around and shouting about something at the Bay Shore Marina which was what led to this altercation.

Shame nobody managed to catch that on camera either, but I doubt it’s gonna be long before the Bagel Boss is doing something else stupid so we can all laugh at him. Seems like that’s his personal brand now.

For more of the same, here’s a different angle of the original Bagel Boss incident. Crazy.


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