Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #25

If you’re interested in meat cats, bear tatts, busted pipes and gypsy weddings then stride on inside folks. Russia is waiting.

One question: have you got enough meat? One answer: yes, but it’s very low quality.

Russia With Love - gypsy wedding Ryazan, Russia 2

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you want to get as much flavour from your lolly as possible, but you simply can’t rotate it in your gob fast enough. Here’s the solution people. Your taste buds will never go frustrated again…

Russia With Love - drill lolly

Just a minor crash. Nothing too serious:

Russia With Love - crash

This is what happens when you leave your car parked underneath a water pipe and the water pipe decides to freeze up and explode…

Russia With Love - burst pipe

I guess he’ll just have to wait for the summer before he nips down the shop.

Russia With Love - burst pipe 2

Thanks for joining me on the celebration of our quarter century of Russian love. Come back next time when we enter our second quartile in style.

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