Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #22

Portion 22 has some Russian style life hacks, fashion tips, auto adventures and fish art. Step on in…

Bus stops can be a bit of a boring drag. Not in Russia though, it’s comfort and luxury all the way…

Russia With Love - Bus Stop

Absolutely minging, I mean there’s a lot of skill gone into that, but no, that’s really gross.

Russia With Love - Fish Boat

Buddy… I think he’s dead already, if you shoot him in the head there will be pretty much nothing left of him to eat for supper. Put… the… gun… down…

Russia With Love - Fish Killer

What’s the best way to secure a massive telegraph pole that’s broken? This way:

Russia With Love - Fixed It 2

The good thing about this method is that if the padlock doesn’t work, no one will want to steal your car anyway because you’ve completely ruined the body work.

Russia With Love - Fixed It 3

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