Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #22

Portion 22 has some Russian style life hacks, fashion tips, auto adventures and fish art. Step on in…

It may not look the best but it appears to be working a treat!:

Russia With Love - Fixed It

Now this really is a genius life hack. One bit of bungee cord and you keep your hat on and your trousers up. I reckon it might even help strengthen core muscles too?

Russia With Love - genius

The two in the foreground look as happy as Larry, whoever Larry is. But there appears to be a dead dude to their right and an old woman doing voodoo to their left. Oooh, I just got a shiver.

Russia With Love - Gran Doll

Absolutely love this head scarf:

Russia With Love - Head Scarf

I guess this would work? You’d have to empty the bag pretty often though wouldn’t you? I reckon he’s nailing it.

Russia With Love - hoover

Today I will end with a little prayer:

“Dear Russia, thanks for being unrelentingly ace. Amen”.

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