Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #10

Back with number 10. More retarded Russian photos than you could shake a salami at. Sit back and drink it in.

Doreen always carries protection, especially if she is planning on having a bit of a snooze on the journey. You can never be too careful these days. That’s her on the motorbike above as well. She’s gangster, but I didn’t need to tell you that did I?

Awesome Phots From Russia With Love - Granny Rifle

Here’s Doreen again, rocking the Marilyn Manson look good and hard. Doreen enjoys going to the cinema with friends and bear baiting.

Awesome Phots From Russia With Love - Marlilyn Manson

Interesting fact about Doreen: she swam the entire length of the Amazon river naked. Just a couple of years back actually. She didn’t get much coverage in the news or anything because she forgot to mention it to anyone. She swears she did it though, and I’m not going to question her.

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