Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #10

Back with number 10. More retarded Russian photos than you could shake a salami at. Sit back and drink it in.

The guy in camo on the right is Steve. He looks pleased with himself because he’s managed to gather enough fish to feed his friends Bob and Brenda for the whole winter. The lounge stinks pretty bad, but he thinks it’s probably worth it. Now they will only need to leave the house to buy booze or have a quick puke.

Awesome Phots From Russia With Love - Loads of Fish

More Russian ingenuity. The onions have lost their tearful battle. Not only has Paul got dry eyes, he also looks cool and his head is kept toasty warm whilst he chops up the veg. That, my friends, is a three way win. And let’s not forget the safety aspect here. If he takes a little tumble down the stairs he will be AOK.

Awesome Phots From Russia With Love - No Tears

This last photo was taken by Doreen actually. That’s her limo come to pick her up. Although she looks haggard and mental she is in fact a powerful Russian oligarch and owns half of Belarus. How else do you think she could have afforded that motorbike? That’s why her limo driver is 100% unconcerned about cutting off half the road when he parks. No one’s gonna mess with them.

Awesome Phots From Russia With Love - ParkingWe reach the end of part 10 people. It’s been emotional for me. I always have a tear in my eye when I see pictures of my friends and family all the way over in the icey expanse of the mother land. I hope to be able to rejoin them one day. You should all come and visit, we’ll have such fun and games fighting in the flooded amphitheatre and wrestling with Doreen and Rory.

Until next time have a look at these:

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